Japanese Club In Fukuoka Only Admits One Male A Night For $5000 - Females Free!

by Dave on Aug 30 2016 |

Guys - if you have $5K to spare and heading to Japan shortly, this is the club you might want to hit up. Forget Roppongi, head to Fukuoka!

A night club in Fukuoka allows women to enter without a cover. This isn't anything unique, but if you're a dude you have to cough up JPY 500,000. And only one guy is allowed in per night. Check out what the owner has to say about this wild experiment so far. Spoiler: it seems to be working!

“Our nightly alcohol sales averaged JPY 300,000 before the new policy,” said the club’s owner, Furuya Takeji. “We’re now easily selling double that.” Mr Takeji noted that the male guest each night never has to pay a single Yen for drinks. “Now that there are 200 female customers and only one man in the club, we’ve seen the women lining up all night and buying him drinks. It’s quite a remarkable departure from what you’d see at a normal club.”
What I didn’t realize, is just how competitive women can be when there’s only one man in the club.” “I’ve seen them take off their heels, and use their purses to hit each other. It’s really quite bizarre: this kind of behavior would never be seen in a club filled with men.”