Luxury Toilets Offer Traditional Views of Mt. Fuji

by JapanYay Feed on Aug 16 2016 |

Visiting a bathroom in Japan can be quite the adventurous experience. There is a whole culture that has sprung up around Japan and their love of high-tech toilets; it ranges from an app to help you find the best restroom to suit your needs all the way up to an entire museum on the southernmost island of Kita-Kyushu that is devoted to nothing but toilets. There is even a Japanese god of the toilet, Kawaya-no-kami, who is also the Japanese god of good harvests.

Wherever you go in Japan, you’ll likely find something interesting or unusual about the restrooms you visit; whether it’s heated toilet seats to help you stay warm in the winter months or a sound system that can cover the sounds of using the facilities.

Now, Japanese loo-lovers have yet another reason to rejoice: Taikou Juken has introduced a new line of Japanese-style toilets that grant a better appreciation of art. The company has created three toilets that feature scenes from ‘Fugaku 36 Kei’ or ‘Thirty Six Views of Mt. Fuji’, which was originally created by renowned Edo-period artist Katsushika Hokusai.

Each toilet will cost about $2,500 USD plus design fees, and can feature one of three scenes from the famous woodblock series: The Fuji III model features The Great Wave off Kanagawa (the best known and most famous of the series). The Fuji II model is graced with Fishing Boats at Tago-no-ura Bay in Ejiri. And lastly, the Fuji I model boasts Aka Fuji or Red Fuji. Taikou Juken is already in contract negotiations to deliver these high-end commodes to wealthy citizens and high-end hotels in Dubai within the year.