Olympics End With Japan's Prime Minister As Super Mario

by Sharilyn on Aug 21 2016 |

If you weren't watching the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Rio Olympics, I can see how you'd be skeptical. But this seriously happened. It was at the end of the ceremony when the focus shifted from Rio to Tokyo because it will host the Summer Olympics in 2020. Mario appeared on screen first and got into a warp pipe to go to Rio, but it was the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, who appeared out of a giant warp pipe in Rio, complete with a Mario hat that he waved at the crowd.

It's traditional that the last part of the show will be used by the upcoming city to give us a preview of what they have in store for the next Olympics. Since Mario was prominently featured by Shinzo Abe, I have high hopes for an amazing Tokyo Opening Ceremony in 4 years. We'll get another glimpse of what they have in store for us at the closing ceremonies of the Rio Paralympic Games, so be on the lookout.

These Olympics have gone well for Japan. Japan was 7th in the total medal count this year. They brought home 41 medals and 12 of them were gold. It is the most total medals Japan has ever won in an Olympics. 2 of those golds came from gymnastics, where they won the men's team and men's individual all around competitions. Kohei Uchimura has been called the greatest male gymnast of all time, and he proved it with these wins. You can also watch wrestler Eri Tosaka lift up her coach on her shoulders here. Hopefully they will do even better in Tokyo in 2020!

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