Ramen Restaurant Offers Patrons Virtual Dates With Idol Group Hamburgirls Z

by Japan Yay! Staff on Aug 25 2016 |

Many people would say that ramen dates are great. Though the food is simple, there is something to be said for being able to enjoy it with a romantic partner in a casual environment. The experience can be a lot of fun.

However, for those who do not have significant others, Sasayama, an Osaka ramen chain, has a special promotion at this time that can be fun as well. People who go to the Tenjinbashi or America Mura branches of the chain can take a card with a QR code that will give them access to one of five videos with one of the members of Hamburgirls Z. One of these happy girls can give you some virtual company while you are enjoying your ramen.

The patron will just need to load the video on his smartphone, and then watch it as he eats his food. The girl on the video is also eating ramen and will eat hers as he is enjoying his, so it will be like he is eating ramen with a date.

The promotion will be running until August 31, 2016. Every bowl of ramen ordered will earn any patron one QR card for a virtual date with one of these girls. It is then possible to keep going back and potentially have dates with the entire group, or go back until the individual is matched up with their favorite member. Overall, this makes for a fun and definitely unique way to enjoy some noodles for dinner.

Want to try the virtual ramen date out yourself? Grab some instant Ramen, pop it in the microwave, and hit play on the video below. Japan Yay matchmaking at your service!