Top 6 Weird (And Somewhat Convenient) Vending Machines Across Japan

by Japan Yay! Staff on Jun 25 2017 |

Vending machines and Japan! There are over 5 million of them across the country. We picked out our top 6 convenient and somewhat-weird vending machines we could find across Japan below.

Earbuds for your mobile phone; that's music to our ears!
Cold beer and saki; quench your thirst on the go with a handful of coins
Children's toy assortments (complete with a sweet snack, like canned marishino cherries)
Women's lingerie; rumor has it the panties are used (let's hope washed!)
Bulk rice purchased by the pound (bonus: eight varieties of rice to choose from!)
Fresh eggs, sold by the dozen for about 300 yen (three dollars!)