Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle! Amazingly It's Not A Hoax

by Sharilyn on Mar 10 2015 |

Now that the temperatures are starting to remind us of summer we must look ahead to the future of barbecue. Nissan and The Japan Barbecue Association (yeah I know, but it's a real thing) united to form the concept for the BBQ car of our dreams in the video below. Complete with an electric grill, a trash machine, mosquito repelling ultrasonic waves, and of course karaoke abilities; this two seater electric car is the perfect way to have a destination barbecue without all the fuss. If you do hear a pesky buzzing don't worry it's not a mosquito it's just your friendly neighborhood drone marketed as a "flying selphie camera." You can't buy it yet, but you can contribute on the crowd funding website Green Funding Lab to make this dream a reality.