Three Japan vloggers you need to start watching

by Dave on Jun 30 2014 |

I recently stumbled upon the world of Jvloggers. For those of you who are new to this made up term... simply put it's people vlogging about their experiences in Japan and throwing it up on YouTube. There are a ton of Japan vloggers, with new YouTube channels popping up every month. However, below are three Jvlogger series that I keep coming back to... and for good reasons: they each have a different perspective on Japanese culture and lifestyle.

#1 AbroadIn Japan - Follow the most sarcastic British guy in Japan, Chris Broad, as he gives viewers an unique perspective on a lot of quirky Japanese cultural items mixed in with his equally unique humor, er... uh... I mean humour with a u. Chris moved to Japan in 2012 via the JET Program to become a teacher and currently resides in Yamagata. If you've been visiting Japan Yay since we launched you have probably already noticed I have a man crush on him... and post his new videos quite frequently. Check out his video on why KFC is serious business during Christmas in Japan.

#2 Sharla in Japan - Sharla is a Canadian University student who moved to Japan to finish up her degree in International Communication. She's a huge fan of FOOD and drinks, which Japan has lots variety in, and usually posts a video once a week. Foodies who are interested in Japanese food, drinks, treats, and ice cream... it's best to subscribe to her channel and then quickly come to the realization all the delicious food is far from reach! Hahahah... :( Check out the video Pizza in Japan for a intro to her series!

#3 Micaela - Micaela is another Canadian living in Japan and has been in the country for over 10 years! She currently resides in Fukuoka and recently got the gig of "mayor" of the Kawaii-ku ward within the city. The Kawaii ward (cute ward) is a virtual district which serves as a strong PR front for Fukuoka tourism and exposure. From Fukuoka Now: "Using Fukuoka’s “abundance of healthy foods, compact scale, cultural relations with Asia, history and location”, the website explains, Kawaii-ku is an innovative use of technology to connect Fukuoka’s vibrant youth with the city’s cultural capital centered on all things “kawaii”." Fukuoka has the highest percentage of young adults within Japan in addition to women out numbering men as well. Fashion and appearance dominates in this bustling city of Japan. Micaela's videos are a mix of Japanese fashion tips and cultural aspects. You will learn something unique about Japanese culture! Check out her video about Fukuoka's fashion industry and some crazy eyelash extensions, which are a big thing in Japan currently. For dudes too! (not really)

Do you have a favorite Jvlogger? Tell us below in the comments!