Japanese Man Takes Massive Pet Tortoise For Walk In Tokyo

by Dave on Oct 03 2016 |

63 year old Hisano Mitani has a giant African tortoise who he takes for walks in Fukushima, Tokyo nearly every day. Obviously, these walks are very, very slow. The cute tortoise is over 20 years old and has become a common sight for locals in Fukushima. Check out the video in the full story. Read full story...

Panda Express Heading To Japan

by Dave on Sep 30 2016 |

OK, this is weird. Panda Express, the California-based Chinese fast food chain, is heading to Japan. It will be interesting to see if the Americanized spin on Chinese food will be popular in Japan. Read full story...

Music Video Going Viral In Japan About A Pen And Pineapple... You Have To Watch To Understand

by Dave on Sep 27 2016 |

This video has become popular all over Japan the past month. However, the song that is featured on the video is a mystery, as no one really knows exactly what it means. Check out the video in the full story. Read full story...

MOS Burger Inspired And Anime-Themed "Gabutto Burger" Opens On 9/6 In Chicago Land Area

by Dave on Sep 04 2016 |

Masaru and Misha aren't your ordinary burger joint owners. Masaru, who was raised in Japan, had fond memories visiting the famous burger chain MOS Burger as a kid. Founded in 1972, MOS Burger is the second fast-food restaurant in Japan, after McDonald's. When Masaru headed to the States, already a seasoned foodie, he decided he wanted to do something similar to MOS. Read full story...

Japanese Fisherman With A Black-Belt In Karate Fights Off Black Bear! (Video)

by Amy on Sep 03 2016 |

On Thursday, a 63-year-old man with a black-belt in karate fought off a bear that attacked him while he was fishing in the Jizo River in Maebashi, Guma Prefecture. The man’s eyes met those of a 6’2 Asian black bear with big teddy-bear like ears and a massive head. Then, it suddenly leapt and knocked him to the ground. It scratched and bit him while he was down, but according to the man, he was able to trick the bear for a moment and punched it repeatedly in the eyes. The bear ran away from the pain soon after. Read full story...

Top 3 Traditional Japanese Desserts You Should Try Making

by Japan Yay! Staff on Sep 01 2016 |

Japan is known for its healthy nutritional habits; however, that doesn't mean desserts and sweets are excluded from the traditional Japanese diet. The recipes for Japan's celebrated cuisine leans towards a less-sweet taste than most American palettes are accustomed. Fans of Japanese culture devour these traditional Japanese desserts with the same fervor  as binge watching an anime series. Check out these recommended desserts that capture the best of traditional Japanese sweets.

Read full story...

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