Kickstarter Launched For Japanese Manhole Art Designs On T-Shirts

by Dave on Feb 01 2018 |

Way back in 2015 we declared man hole covers in Japan "cute." And now two Irishmen living in Japan have backed that statement via Kickstarter to help support creating t-shirts depicting unique manhole art across Japan's 47 prefectures. Read full story...

Top 6 Weird (And Somewhat Convenient) Vending Machines Across Japan

by Japan Yay! Staff on Jun 25 2017 |

Vending machines and Japan! There are over 5 million of them across the country. We picked out our top 6 convenient and somewhat-weird vending machines we could find across Japan below. Check them out in the full story! Read full story...

Top 4 Japanese Sweet Summer Desserts For 2017 You Need To Try!

by Japan Yay! Staff on Jun 17 2017 |

Summer is here in Japan and the United States. Checkout our top 4 must-try summer treats straight from Japan! Read full story...

Meet The Toriimoto Sisters... Advertising Drinks On Vending Machines Across All Of Kyoto!

by Dave on Jun 16 2017 |

Meet Hibarimi Tori, Tsumimi and Izumi. They're three sisters living in Kyoto. Tori, the oldest, is sporting a coffee drink, Tsumini, a sports drink, and Izumi some kind of tea. Read full story...

Watch This Tedx Talk From A 82-Year-Old Japanese Women Who Created Her First App!

by Dave on Jun 08 2017 |

Need motivation on a current or future project? An 82 year old Japanese woman just created her first iOS app! "I wanted to create a fun app to get elderly people interested in smartphones... It took about half a year to develop," stated Masako Wakamiya to CNN. Check out her TedxTokyo presentation video in the full story!

Read full story...

Weekly Japan Photo: "Don't Stare At The Monkeys In The Eye"

by Dave on Jun 07 2017 |

So, I had an epiphany while vacationing in Japan back in April. Take as many pictures of funny/dumb signs across Tokyo, Kyoto, and beyond! And thus this weekly post is born. Read full story...

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