Ultimate Smart BBQ Vehicle! Amazingly It's Not A Hoax

by Sharilyn on Mar 10 2015 |

Now that the temperatures are starting to remind us of summer we must look ahead to the future of barbecue. Nissan and The Japan Barbecue Association (yeah I know, but it's a real thing) united to form the concept for the BBQ car of our dreams in the video below. Read full story...

NSFW: Japanese Kids Dance To Inappropriate English Dance Song

by Dave on Mar 09 2015 |

While English is taught across Japan early on in education, cultural slangs - especially from the U.S. - are often misunderstood. The result of this is a bunch of kids dancing to a very explicit dance song and a crowd oblivious to the songs lyrics! Read full story...

For Relaxing Times, Make It Suntory Time

by Dave on Mar 08 2015 |

Whiskey done right in Japan.

Aoshima Island: Japan's Cat Haven

by Dave on Mar 04 2015 |

Cats and Japan. Need I say more? Aoshima Island has a population of 22 humans and over 100 cats. This mile-long Island once had mice issues along the docks, and cats were brought in to "play" with the infestation. Read full story...

A Week In The Life Of A Tokyo Salaryman

by Dave on Mar 02 2015 |

Japanese work a lot of hours. It's something that has been culturally accepted for a while now and stems from a number of issues. The main problem is it takes FOREVER to get things done in Japan and many processes are inefficient, including decision making. This leads to working overtime! Check out the funny video in the full story that shows the dreaded work week of one guy in Japan. Read full story...

Japanese Law Requires Paying Good Samaritan For Finding Your Lost Bag

by Dave on Mar 01 2015 |

What do you think about this? If you lost your backpack in public and someone found it and went to the police, you owe them, by law in Japan, 20% of the value of what was in your bag. For example - if you had your 16GB iPad Air in your backpack, which retails for $399 in the U.S., you owe a stranger $80... Read full story...

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