Beautiful Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan

by Dave on Feb 12 2015 |

Ancient Japanese Game Go Gets Another Go

by JapanYay Feed on Feb 10 2015 |

The Japanese company Igo Associations is giving the game of Go another go by printing a no-cost magazine for girls designed to entice females into learning the game.

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Japanese TV Commercials Roundup

by Dave on Feb 09 2015 |

Japan TV commercial roundup! Prepare yourselves for eye-candy advertising. Click read full story to check the video out! Read full story...

Netflix to launch in Japan in 2016

by Dave on Feb 07 2015 |

Japan is finally getting Netflix! Although it won't be until the end of 2016. Most Japanese or foreigners living in Japan have been able to get access to Netflix via VPN - granting access to the U.S. Netflix platform. Read full story...

Experience Japanese Theater Props at Narita Airport at the Kabuki Gate

by JapanYay Feed on Feb 04 2015 |

The Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan will have a display of Japanese Theater props for travelers leaving Japan. The 1's South Wing Terminal will have the Kabuki Gate...

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Bagel Heads

by Sharilyn on Feb 02 2015 |

It is a form of temporary body modification, and Japan was the first place to have bagel head parties where many people could all get them together. Saline is dripped into the forehead by an IV until it causes a good sized bubble shape. Then a thumb is pressed into the center to create the bagel. Warning video below in the full story is not for the squeamish! Read full story...

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