Full Video Of Japan's Tokyo 2020 Olympics Preview W/ Prime Minister As Super Mario!

by Dave on Aug 22 2016 |

As a follow up to our last article, here's the full video of Japan's Tokyo 2020 Olympics preview, including the Super Mario surprise at the end! The video showcases many of Japan's anime and pop-culture icons: Hello Kitty, Doraemo, Pac-Man, and of course Super Mario!

Check it out in the full story! Read full story...

Olympics End With Japan's Prime Minister As Super Mario

by Sharilyn on Aug 21 2016 |

If you weren't watching the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Rio Olympics, I can see how you'd be skeptical. But this seriously happened. The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, appeared out of a giant warp pipe complete with a Mario hat he waved at the crowd. Read full story...

Japanese Wrestler Eri Tosaka Celebrates Gold Medal Win, Hoisting Coach Up On Shoulders!

by Dave on Aug 20 2016 |

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Luxury Toilets Offer Traditional Views of Mt. Fuji

by JapanYay Feed on Aug 16 2016 |

Visiting a bathroom in Japan can be quite the adventurous experience. There is a whole culture that has sprung up around Japan and their love of high-tech toilets; it ranges from an app to help you find the best restroom to suit your needs all the way up to an entire museum on the southernmost island of Kita-Kyushu that is devoted to nothing but toilets. Read full story...

FREE JAPANESE CANDY & TOYS GIVEAWAY! 5 Reasons Why Skoshbox Is Your Japanese Candy Gateway

by Dave on Aug 12 2016 |

We're giving away the largest Skoshbox subscription box, the JAPAN BOX (pictured above), courtesy of Skoshbox! Hurry and sign up, the giveaway ends on August 19th, 11:59PM CST.

There is a reason that Japanese candy is famous all around the world. It’s absolutely delicious! From pocky to green tea kitkats it’s full of flavors and textures you won’t find anywhere else. Not so long ago the only way you could get your hands on these unique treats was to buy a ticket and fly out to get them for yourself. But now you can have them delivered straight to your door. Here’s 5 reasons why Skoshbox is the candy subscription service you need. Read full story...

Singers Needed For Parodies! Help Us Out!

by Sharilyn on Jul 31 2016 |

Hello Japan Yay fans! We are excited to try out some original parodies but sadly no one currently on staff has the voice of a Japanese idol, real or holographic. If you love singing and have access to decent recording equipment we need you! Shoot us an email: sharilyn@japanyay.com Read full story...

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