Join Our Live Streaming Of Anime Industry Panels On Facebook May 20th and 21st!

by Dave on May 12 2016 |

Japan Yay will be at Anime Central again this year and we're looking to dive into Facebook's newly launched video service to live stream the industry panels live to your home/apartment/while sitting in your underwear with no pants on. Check out the full story for more details. Read full story...

Pocky Truck Hits Chicago's Wicker Park Neighborhood With Style!

by Dave on May 11 2016 |

The Pocky Share Happiness tour is officially underway in the Windy City! Today through June 19th be on the lookout for the truck giving away free boxes of delicious Pocky sticks. Read full story...

by on Dec 31 1969 |

A Truck Full Of Free Pocky Hits The Windy City In 48 Hours #sharepocky

by Dave on May 09 2016 |

In a little over 48 hours you will be able to get all the free Pocky you want* via a huge Pocky Truck heading its way to the Windy City as you read this article. The Share Happiness Tour, which is wrapping up in Los Angeles, is celebrating Pocky's 50th anniversary by giving away a lot of free boxes of delicious Pocky in Chicago from May 11th - June 19th in select Chicagoland areas. Read full story...

Game Bar Glück: A European-Style Gaming Bar in Tokyo

by Amy on May 09 2016 |

Look out Tokyo, there's a new bar in town that's nothing like the usual Japanese izakaya establishments! Game Bar Glück in Iidabashi ( is the perfect place to head to after work to meet friends and play board games or for the curious tourist who wants to play cards. Read full story...

Hatsune Miku Tour Heading To Chicago May 25th!

by Dave on Apr 28 2016 |

Hatsune Miku is heading to Chicago in a little under a month. The digital diva will be at the famous Chicago Theater in downtown Chicago on May 25th. Read full story...

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