Japanese 'School Swimsuits' For Adult Women

by JapanYay Feed on Apr 28 2016 |

Last year, Japanese swimwear designer Footmark released a line of skirted swimsuits that were offered as an alternative to the one piece suits worn by Japanese school girls during P.E. The suits were designed to offer a conservative, understated alternative to revealing bikinis and other swimwear. Read full story...

87-Year-Old Japanese Designer Makes A "Guard Wig" For Donald Trump

by JapanYay Feed on Apr 27 2016 |

This is a bit dated but we wanted to share nonetheless, because for some crazy reason Donald Trump is popular in Japanese media currently. Donald Trump has a hard time getting his wild hair to look “presidential.” A clever Japanese entrepreneur may have resolved the problem of Donald’s bad hair days and more! Read full story...

The Free Pocky Truck Is Heading To Chicago In May! #sharepocky

by Dave on Apr 25 2016 |

Don't be afraid to take Pocky from a stranger... or in this case a truck! Chicago will be part of the Pocky Share Happiness Tour, which is celebrating Pocky's 50th anniversary as delicious Japanese candy by driving around the United States and giving away free Pocky packs! Read full story...

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu To Host Concert At J-POP SUMMIT 2016

by Dave on Apr 23 2016 |

It's festival and con season! At J-POP SUMMIT 2016, one of the largest Japanese pop-culture festivals in the United States (in San Francisco), Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will host a live concert to open up the weekend long event on Friday July 22nd. Check out the full story for more details.

Read full story...

7 Minutes Of Ridiculously Awesome Recently Aired Japanese Commercials

by Dave on Apr 12 2016 |

There's a YouTube channel dedicated to capturing and uploading Japanese commercials on a nearly weekly basis. And each commercial is ridiculously hilarious and/or will make you cry. Eye onions warning: the Amazon dog commercial. Check them out in the full story! Read full story...

Nanoblocks: The Japanese Lego

by JapanYay Feed on Apr 11 2016 |

Most people are familiar with legos, those basic plastic blocks that click together and can be used to construct just about anything visually. In fact, whole generations have at one point played with these toys as kids. However, Japanese toy makers have stepped up the game and challenge with what are known as "nanoblocks." Read full story...

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