Behind The Scenes: Interview With A Cosplay Photographer

by Sharilyn on Jun 03 2016 |

What's the difference between taking pictures of your cosplay versus having a professional photographer take them? Is it that much better? We strive to answer all these questions, and recently we had the chance to film some photo shoots and interview Fluffy Fox Photography at Anime Central. She is based in Madison, Wisconsin. But she is looking forward to going to lots of conventions to get some great photos! Below we have an interview with her, and a VIDEO of her photo shoots, as well as interviews with some of her subjects to get their take on professional photography. She was also kind enough to provide some process shots so we can see a little of what she does in editing. Thanks so much to Fluffy Fox Photography and all of the cosplayers who let us film them at ACen!

Japan Yay : How did you come up with your name Fluffy Fox?
It was a poll I did on Cosplay Amino. I made up 3 different adorable names and the Fox won.

Japan Yay : What's your favorite part of doing cosplay photography?
I really like the variety of characters I get to work with.

Japan Yay : Do you have fun on the shoots?
Of course! I have the best time! Even being in serious mode is fun.

Japan Yay : Do you have a favorite shoot that you've done, and why?
I think my favorites have been with the people on Cosplay Amino.

Japan Yay : Any advice for cosplayers getting their photos taken professionally for the first time?
Research your character's poses and have at least 3 ready to go.

Japan Yay : What kind of camera / lens do you use and what are the benefits of it?
I have a Cannon t3i. I'm very lucky, my parents got it for me so I could start my own business. It makes up for low light really easily. I want to get a new lens soon.

Japan Yay : What do you do to the photos during the editing process?
I don't do much. Mostly just lighting adjustment and make-up enhancement. I don't want to change who the subject is, I just want to improve on what they've already accomplished.

Japan Yay : What software do you use and why?
I use Picasa to go through the photos and organize them. I use Pixir for editing.

Japan Yay : How long does it take to edit each photo?
I depends on the photo. Anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on how much editing should be done.

Japan Yay : How many photos do you usually take on a shoot, and how many do you actually use as final product?
I take 50-300 pictures, and I'm very picky so I end up with 8-45 in the end.

Japan Yay : How many photos do you give to cosplayers vs how long the shoot is?
I give them all the edited photos once they're done.

Japan Yay : You said you worked in a studio for 2 years, what where the most important things you learned there?
The most important thing I learned at the studio is patience and positioning.

I hope you guys are inspired to seek out professional cosplay photographers, because these pictures were awesome! If you're near Madison be sure to hit up Fluffy Fox Photography. And remember to trust the photographer you choose. As Fluffy Fox says, "Posing is super awkward, but it looks great!"