Music Video Going Viral In Japan About A Pen And Pineapple... You Have To Watch To Understand

by Dave on Sep 27 2016 |

This video has become popular all over Japan the past month. However, the song that is featured on the video is a mystery, as no one really knows exactly what it means. Check out the video in the full story. Read full story...

Swaying Skyscrapers In Japan During Earthquake!

by Dave on Sep 26 2016 |

This is a scary sight - massive skyscrapers swaying back and forth. But fortunately Japanese skyscrapers have been engineered to withstand earthquakes and can be a bit flexible as designed when an earthquake hits. Check out the video in the full story! Read full story...

Ramen Restaurant Offers Patrons Virtual Dates With Idol Group Hamburgirls Z

by Japan Yay! Staff on Aug 25 2016 |

Many people would say that ramen dates are great. Though the food is simple, there is something to be said for being able to enjoy it with a romantic partner in a casual environment. The experience can be a lot of fun. Read full story...

McDonald's Of Japan Releases Anime Short Part-Time Job Ad (Subtitled)

by Dave on Aug 23 2016 |

I bet you weren't expecting to watch a one-minute anime based solely around McDonald's today, eh? The video released on McDonald's of Japan's YouTube account is a promotion for part-time jobs at McDonald's targeting young adults looking for some spare cash to carry around. Check out the video in the full story. Read full story...

Full Video Of Japan's Tokyo 2020 Olympics Preview W/ Prime Minister As Super Mario!

by Dave on Aug 22 2016 |

As a follow up to our last article, here's the full video of Japan's Tokyo 2020 Olympics preview, including the Super Mario surprise at the end! The video showcases many of Japan's anime and pop-culture icons: Hello Kitty, Doraemo, Pac-Man, and of course Super Mario!

Check it out in the full story! Read full story...

FREE JAPANESE CANDY & TOYS GIVEAWAY! 5 Reasons Why Skoshbox Is Your Japanese Candy Gateway

by Dave on Aug 12 2016 |

We're giving away the largest Skoshbox subscription box, the JAPAN BOX (pictured above), courtesy of Skoshbox! Hurry and sign up, the giveaway ends on August 19th, 11:59PM CST.

There is a reason that Japanese candy is famous all around the world. It’s absolutely delicious! From pocky to green tea kitkats it’s full of flavors and textures you won’t find anywhere else. Not so long ago the only way you could get your hands on these unique treats was to buy a ticket and fly out to get them for yourself. But now you can have them delivered straight to your door. Here’s 5 reasons why Skoshbox is the candy subscription service you need. Read full story...

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