Cute Deer In Nara Park Bow For Food

by Sharilyn on Aug 02 2016 |

Nara Park in Japan has many attractions, including almost 1,200 super tame deer that roam around and don't seem to be afraid of people at all. In fact they like people a lot when they're being fed delicious crackers. Check out the video from INSIDER Travel of super polite deer bowing for their food. Read full story...

Anime Midwest Recap and VIDEO

by Sharilyn on Aug 02 2016 |

We went to Anime Midwest for the first time this year, and we had a blast! It takes place in the Hyatt Rosemont, which is the same place as Anime Central and Con+Alt+Delete. With a little over 10,000 in attendance it has a nice feel of a big con while still being fairly intimate. It has been growing steadily every year too so they keep getting more and more goodness. Check out the video and full review below! (Plus a TL;DR if you need it) Read full story...

Watch This Hilariously Fake Japanese Raptor Prank Video

by Japan Yay! Staff on Jul 27 2016 |

Check out this hilariously fake Dinosaur prank from Japan. You know it's so cringey it's good? Click full story to watch the vid!

Read full story...

Chicago's First Massive Pokémon GO Meetup Had 11,000 RSVP And It Was Amazing! (Video)

by Sharilyn on Jul 17 2016 |

Over 11,000 people RSVP'd for the first large Pokémon GO gathering in Chicago. The meetup location: Chicago's Bean (AKA Cloud Gate) in Millennium Park downtown. We interviewed team members from all three factions: Valor, Mystic, and Instinct. And also a guy in Magic Karp(et) Ride cosplay (you will get the pun once you see him in the video). Check him out on Twitter @cospunning. Check out the video in the full story! Read full story...

We Chat Sailor Moon and BABYMETAL With Porn Stars Lexi Belle and Vicki Chase (Yes, You Read Right)

by Dave on Jul 16 2016 |

Porn stars are anime and Japanese kawaii metal fans too! And maybe less surprising, hentai fans as well. We interviewed Lexi Belle and Vicki Chase while at Anime Midwest 2016. Yes, there was a porn convention going on upstairs at the same venue... more on that and a sexy cosplay contest here. We chat Sailor Moon, BABY METAL, and the upcoming Suicide Squad movie with Lexi and Vicki. Check out the video in the full story! Read full story...

When Anime Con Cosplayers Crash A Porn Convention - The Results Are Amazing! (Video)

by Dave on Jul 11 2016 |

An estimated 12,000 people were expected to flow through Anime Midwest this year, a large anime con just outside of Chicago. What the con and many attendees didn't expect, though, was a porn convention next store. Or in this case - literally upstairs. Read full story...

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