Japan Yay Presents: Anime Central Video Montage!

by Dave on May 26 2016 |

Phew! It was a long and exciting weekend at Anime Central. We still have some video to edit, but check out our montage in the full story. Read full story...

Ridiculous Human Cockroach Trap NSFW

by Sharilyn on May 26 2016 |

Basically Earth Chemical, the Japanese creators of a cockroach trap called Gokiburi Hoy-Hoy, decided to take the idea to the extreme. Because what if someday soon we have gigantic mutant cockroaches that threaten our very existence? Read full story...

Amazing LEGO Pop-Up Japanese Castle

by Sharilyn on May 25 2016 |

Check out the video below of this magnificent creation. It was built entirely out of LEGO's and according to the builder uses no glue at all! Not only that, but this Himeji Castle replica apparently uses no gear parts or motors either. Read full story...

Hey Chicago! The Hatsune Miku Concert Is Tomorrow And We're Looking For Fan Interviews!

by Dave on May 24 2016 |

Hey Chicago! Japan Yay will be at the Hatsune Miku concert tomorrow in Chicago! Check out our teaser video in the full story. We're also looking to interview some hardcore Miku fans before or after the concert. A free t-shirt will be mailed to you if participate! Read full story...

The Greatest Pokémon Cosplay Image Ever (Plus Cosplay Video) #ACen2016

by Dave on May 21 2016 |

For atleast a brief moment, Metapod rules the Pokémon kingdom (and is killing it with the ladies). Check out all the cosplayers at Anime Central in our live Facebook stream from earlier yesterday.

Read full story...

We Are Live Streaming At Anime Central All Weekend On Facebook: Schedule Info

by Dave on May 21 2016 |

Japan Yay will be at Anime Central again this year and we're looking to dive into Facebook's newly launched video service to live stream the industry panels live to your home/apartment/while sitting in your underwear with no pants on.

If you want to follow the industry panels and our cosplay/crowd coverage below be sure to like Japan Yay on Facebook and come back at the time of the live stream. Barring any technical difficulties we hope to stream all the events and maybe, hopefully, get the scoop on a newly licensed series!

Aniplex of America Live Stream: Friday May 20th - 2:30PM Central
FUNimation Industry Panel Live Stream: Saturday May 21st - 1:15PM Central (late start)
VIZ Media Industry Panel Live Stream: Saturday May 21st - 4:30PM Central
Random Cosplay And Crowd Streaming All Weekend
Read full story...

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